It was a sultry afternoon with overcast skies yet still a humid climate, as I struggle in driving through the hopelessly jammed span of 10th Avenue since there seem to be some "bayanihan" activities of sorts, as a small fire (I believe) raged near the railroad crossing of PNR beside the recognizable marketplace that has been there ever since I was a kid, toted along by my mom to help her in the marketing from time to time.

There was no escaping the bumper-to-bumper traffic everywhere that has spread over to every conceivable side streets within the vicinity, testily taxing the patience of every motorist.  But thankfully at last, after some more than half hour of excruciatingly balancing and shifting both my feet among the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals, all the while reinforcing the promise to myself to opt for an automatic transmission next time I get the chance to buy another car, I was able to traverse the bottleneck area and with a sigh of relief, saw the Jollibee branch situated at the end of 10th Avenue that marked the perpendicular A. Mabini Street.

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