As I drove past the familiar San Roque Parish Church and our venerable Alma Mater -- La Consolacion School (now La Consolacion College), I started to deliberately hug the right lane of A. Mabini Street heading towards Sangandaan, driving leisurely and straining my neck near the windshield as I jadedly search for Geronimo Street where Agnes (Pinky) Patawaran-Toralís place is situated.

Click here to visit LCC's websiteItís a good thing that I didnít follow Gedís "splendid" suggestion to simply park my car at the Churchís parking place and just walk from there to the venue.  Otherwise, I could have easily been mistaken as a member of the notorious "Akyat-Bahay" gang due to the bulky bags and equipment (digital camera, video camera with as assortment of accessories, microphone, tripod and CDs) that Iíll be carrying, not to mention the unnecessary torment that Iíll be subjecting myself into in hauling said equipment on foot.

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