September 15, 2001 Reunion Chili's Music 21 Plaza

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Dear Classmates, Batchmates & Friends,

Thank you for your warm compliments and endearing commentaries about the "Journal/Memoir". Initially, it was only intended for Jayjay, to update her about what happened in the pre-reunion meeting held last 15 September 2001, because we owe it to her efforts in re-establishing the association and communication with everyone. However, while in the thick of things, an idea struck me that this could be a very good opportunity to get across all the people on board our mailing list and share the sheer fun, laughter and the good times we all had. Hence, it was written and completed with each and everyone (present or not) serving as an inspiration and with one goal envisioned, our Grand Reunion this coming 29 December 2001.

Almost everyone who gave their reaction commented that while reading the journal, it was as if they were physically present during the event itself and communing with the rest of us. That was their imagination working to the hilt and that was more than rewarding enough as the journal was able to transcend the inspiring feelings savored, the ebullient spirit of friendship that came to pass and the mutual esteem that ensued.

One thing that I guess was remarkable during that meeting was that the more than twenty-year gap was effortlessly bridged within a matter of few hours or maybe even less. Once acquaintance was re-established, there were no pretensions, no putting of best foot forward, no stories of successes or failures, and no hidden purpose aside from re-establishing connection and meeting good old friends once more. And what makes it more pleasant and memorable is that we truly enjoyed each other simply by being ourselves.

The photos taken during the pre-reunion meeting will still take some time before being posted in cyberspace, as we were not able to use a digital camera to preserve these memories for posterity's sake. Still, it was a pleasure in being able to share with all of you the vivid pictures in my mind--"pictures" that perhaps could never be fully captured no matter how advanced photography gets. Nevertheless, the "whole picture" is yet to be developed, as we are composed of more than twelve persons, each uniquely individual, each with different lives and each with distinct stories to tell. But each one of us can trace our roots to one alma mater... La Consolacion School. This is what especially makes our group unique the sense of belongingness that began with our childhood/teenage memories and that which we can proudly share with anyone.

Thus, to sum up the message implicitly being stated in that journal, I hope that more of our schoolmates will be joining us next time around, 'cause when or how or where and why we met, we owe it to friends( whom we'll never forget...

Abner Nolan B. Cunanan

September 25, 2001


The Journal