September 15, 2001 Reunion Chili's Music 21 Plaza

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As September 15 draws nearer, anticipation hangs thicker and thicker in the air. At least as far as I am concerned, and I believe the same is true with the others. As this would be the first time that I'll be meeting almost everyone (with the exception of Ged, of course) after probably even more than two decades. That anticipation was briefly dampened and replaced by anger because of the news about the terrorist attacks that were inflicted in the US mainland last Tuesday, September 11. Fortunately for my parents, sister and most relatives who are living in Seattle, no violence was perpetrated within that State since no significant symbolism can be attributed to the Space Needle (hehehe). Nonetheless, our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families of this horrendous tragedy.

After being shocked and appalled by the events unfolding in the US, I was jolted back to the pressing matters at hand, as Ged would constantly remind me to make sure of Rossano's and Joel's presence come September 15. I in turn, would equally assure her that I won't be the only guy present in the pre-reunion meeting, lest I dare to be singled out in their jokes by being the only "rose" among these "thorny" females (for clarificatory purposes, I said "Thorny" ha? he, ha, he).

A day before D-day, I received a welcome news from Ged informing me that she has contacted Jean Anne B. Toral but Jean still hasn't made any sure commitment as regards her presence since Agnes Toral (nee Patawaran, her sis-in-law), won't be able to come. So I asked Ged for her cellphone number and in the most charming veneer that I could come up with, tried to make contact with our beloved Class Valedictorian.  Mustering enough confidence (sorry ha, shy type kasi ako, eh! o huwag ng kumontra, please. he, he, he), I nervously texted Jean Anne, carefully choosing my words and politely cajoling her. To my cordial surprise, she is still very friendly as before, as warm enthusiasm emanated from her voice as we talked over the phone. She was even cautioning me not to address her as Her Excellency, este, as Doctor pala, ha, ha, ha! Nevertheless, no assurance was given but that was fair enough. Later in the afternoon, I tried contacting Libay de Lara-Adiao for some last minute pow-wow and somehow got somewhat frustrated as I wasn't able to talk to her since she was in a meeting and knowing that she wasn't sure of her presence also.

Before going home, I sought some comfort from Ged who is a veteran organizer of such events. She told me that frustration is to be expected but such sadness would readily evaporate once you regale your eyes with familiar faces from our childhood memories, slowly coming into view, up close and personal. So, with my spirits buoyed somewhat due to Ged's "persuasive" pep talk, I went home after contacting Rossano (Sandel) and Joel (Galgana), reminding them of tomorrow's BIG event.


On the day itself...