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"Kumustahan 2002"

Saturday, 28 December 2002 La Consolacion College, Kalookan City

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A message from Lito Campos, husband of Marissa Josephine "Jojo" Musni Campos.  He also took the picture posted above, click on it for a bigger view.  
Sent: Monday, January 06, 2003 12:50 AM

Hi!  Once again, A Blessed  New Year to you and your family!

What more can I say! A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the BIG SUCCESS of the LCS Kumustahan 2002!  I really admire so much your very active group... the effort... the hard work... the staying power... and most of all the coordination!  Although the attendance is not that big as compared to Kumustahan 2001, it is still a BIG SUCCESS because the event still happened and gave happiness to everyone who attended the said occasion most especially your former teachers and to Mang Tito!

The most touching part is the serenading of teachers by Abner, Jeng and Libay!  The choice of song is really fantastic... tugmang-tugma ika nga... "Special Memory".  It was one of my favorite song too. The song was originally sung by Iwi Laurel for the movie "Hotshots". For me that night's event is really a memorable one!  Talaga namang down memory lane kasi that song became popular way back 84/85.

The tandem of Abner and Jeng as emcee was very effective. Para ko na ring napanood ng live sina Vic Sotto at Chiqui Hollman noon sa Eat Bulaga!  hahaha!  Even the instant choir sa mass na sina Yrene, Janet, Me-ann G. at Lui ang galing at di mo aakalaing instant choir lang sila!  Medyo may comedy nga run eh kasi talaga namang bigay na bigay na yung kanta namin (kasama pa ako that time) ayun pala naka-off pa yung microphone!

I also met Mang Tito and I personally witnessed the overflowing joy from his actions.  Napakabait pala talaga ni Mang Tito at talagang mukhang kagiliw-giliw.  Nung uwian na he gave directions to all the photographers kaya medyo napaayos mga picture taking... he really take charge of the picture taking.  Naalala ko tuloy ako pinag-shot nina Me-ann Galang at Candy ng camera nila nung group picture na... medyo hirap akong kumuha ng angle kasi may wall na nakaharang (it's a divider between two rooms of the mini hostels) and at the same time nakaharang ulo at kamay ng ibang photoraphers at yung kumukuha ng video... buti na lang at nandun si Mang Tito na siyang nagbigay ng instructions sa amin kung kaya medyo naayos yung video/picture taking.  Akala mo nga may siyuting sa dami ng photographer at cameraman at si Mang Tito ang Director! hahaha 

Alam mo ba pagkauwing-pagkauwi namin ni Jojo tiningnan namin agad Year book ng batch nyo at isa isa niyang itinuro sa akin litrato nung mag teachers nyo noon na umattend... Si Ms Gloria Diaz (akala ko talaga si Gloria Diaz na artista eh) walang ipinagbago mukha niya except pumuti lang ng husto buhok niya (accdg to Jo matindi raw yun sa English).  Si Ms. Aguinaldo nga nilapitan pa isa isa yung batchmates nyo at kinuha mga contact numbers nung batch nyo! Kakatuwa nga eh!

Sa speech nina Mrs. Ching at Ms. Lacasandile... they really admired your group kasi naman talaga namang mahirap mag-organize ng reunion.  Sila nga daw wala pang reunion na nangyayari and your group really inspired them a lot!

More Power to your group... and looking forward sa Kumustahan 2003!

God Bless!


"Kumustahan 2001"

Saturday, 29 December 2001

168 Golf & Recreation Center, Maysilo, Malabon, MM

Erna Sarah Rivera-Valeriano's Reunion Poster 

Pictures courtesy of Mary Anne Galang.Pictures courtesy of Mary Anne Galang.Pictures courtesy of Mary Anne Galang.

Pictures courtesy of Ellen PagePictures courtesy of Ellen PagePictures courtesy of Ellen PagePictures courtesy of Mary Yrene Bengil-PaguioPictures courtesy of Mary Yrene Bengil-PaguioPictures courtesy of Ven FloresPictures courtesy of Ged Linsangan

Sabi ng ating mga friends...

"Last night was fun.  Honestly I didn't know what to expect... To all who attended, I hope you enjoyed the reunion as much as i did..." - Gem

"Hello! Like Gem I also had fun last night...  This year one of the best thing that happened was when I was able to get in touch with you guys.."  - Wina

"We had a great time last Saturday and thanks to you and Ged and the rest who really exerted effort to make the occasion successful..." - Janet

"We had a great time last Dec. 29 reunion... MTV led us in singing our alma mater song ( ...hail, hail, hail mother most pure, hail Virgin of Consolation, hail queen little stars...).  I became so nostalgic when we sang that song.  It seems like only yesterday when we were singing that song.  I feel like I'm only 16 in my high school uniform! he, he, he."   - Me-Anne G.

"Impress ako sa pictures and turn-out ng grupo for the reunion last Dec 29.  Naiinggit kami na hindi makadalo.  Ged, paki-thank you ako sa walang mga e-mail, kina Ruby and Mary Ann S.S. for the use of their cell phone.  Kahit paano, nakausap ko sina Ven, Anna Maria, Chelle, Louie M., Lori, Wina (suwerte ka pa sa raffle, okay yan).  At least kahit sa phone lang puwede, nandoon pa rin ako in spirit.  I am sure nag-enjoy kayong lahat, and special thanks sa mga nagsumikap para maging success ang reunion. Looking forward for the journal style reporting ni Abner sa mga happenings." - Joy CS

"Abner was very effective as an emcee, same with Lui.  Ang sakit ng
tiyan namin sa katatawa..." - Liberty

"I could say that the Dec 29 reunion was indeed a blast, it was FUN.  I really had fun... Just wait for the video na lang.  Super super saya naman ang Dec 29." - Yrene


True happiness is downing a can of beer
with your close friend while singing
"happy graduates raise your voices... 
sing for alma mater's greatness"...

Cheers to our batch!!!


Please click on the pictures  to see more. Special thanks to Ellen Page, Mary Anne Galang, Mary Yrene Bengil-Paguio, Ven Flores and Ged Linsangan for the pictures and annotations. 

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