In Memory of Arnold Jurado

February 21, 1968 - 1990

"... I think a year after Marlon (Maņalac) died, his bestfriend na batch mate din natin named Arnold Jurado, died too. Arnold kze was my neighbor and our moms, families were friends as kinda close na rin... Marlon's death affected Arnold so much.  Before he died, he told his mom about his nightmares wherein Marlon's inviting daw him to go na with him, so many times it happened and the same dreams until one morning he was found dead, bangungot daw, di na nagising and we all thought na maybe sumama na sya kay Marlon... Arnold Jurado was the simple quiet guy, nag li-limp sya when walking coz of polio."

Ailen Jade Jacela-Guevarra

August 28, 2002

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