In Loving Memory...

Sallied forth to a place uncertain, unseen

Robbed of a future and the chance to age

Fleeting lives taken so suddenly it seem

Leaving memories riveted in a labyrinthine page


"What could have been?"--now left unanswered

The budding of youth halted & forever shunned

All that is left are dreams unaltered

The fruition of which shall never be at hand


Bold inscriptions on stones would clearly state

The youthful passing of a precious friend

Yet life shouldn't be remembered on the written dates

But rather what the hyphen meant until their end...

Margaret Barredo

1968 - 1974/1975

Maryann Garcia

April 30, 1967 - April 16, 1981

Jocelyn Faraon

November 1, 1968 - October 6, 1993

Arnold Jurado

February 21, 1968 - 1990

Marlon Maņalac

April 8, 1968 - August 15, 1989