Mariah vs Regine


Here's another good example of how technology, particularly email, can be misused. The following email was forwarded by a friend:

"Dear Fellow Filipinos, It is truly unfortunate that MARIAH CAREY is Racist against us. In one of her concerts she asked her audience if there were any filipinos among them.

"A jubilant section of the crowd cheered because these filipinos thought they were being acknowledged, the ice cold Mariah said in a wicked voice and shout "GET OUT". This made the filipinos loose face. Another incident happened on an MTV Asia interview in which Mariah was interviewed by Donita Rose. Mariah was asked for a commentary about Asia's Songbird the Pride of the Filipino people, Regine Velasquez. And she hissed at Donita by saying our beloved Regine, is "a brown monkey who can sing". I personally found her comments very insulting since I am a Filipina myself. I hope everyone who reads this spreads the word and boycotts her albums. If you want proof of these allegations go to and click on celebrities. Please pass this message to all our FILIPINO friends."


Well I checked and there I found that Donita actually denied the interview ever took place: "The said article claims that international superstar Mariah Carey made a derogatory remark when asked to comment on our own Regine Velasquez during an interview I supposedly conducted for MTV Asia. This alleged interview never took place except in the fertile minds of people who have not bothered to check their facts and made me an unwitting party to a distressing situation... Not having been present during the said 'interview', I have no comments to make on what was or was not said by Ms. Carey."


Well, I hope no one took that first email seriously and actually boycotted Mariah Carey. You can actually tell the email was bogus by the language; I don't know, but there's just a "style" to phony email that gives them away. Anyway, the lesson is: be careful what you forward to your friends.


Here, on the other hand, are some events that actually happened, according to the wires: University of Georgia engineering professor Takoi Hamrita has invented a small transmitter that is small enough to be implanted in chicks. A built-in processor will signal when they're too warm, since a major cause of chicken death is heat stress. She hopes eventually to monitor the birds' diets for optimum growth. "At the moment, the sensors tell us only the birds' deep-body temperature," Hamrita says. "Eventually, though, they will also tell us their respiration and heart rate." (AP)


For the second time in a week, a suburban Boston house has been leveled by a natural gas explosion caused by digging in the yard with heavy equipment. Off-duty Braintree, Mass., firefighter Joe Zanca was no fool: he hired a professional. Equipment operator Scott Volz was grading behind the house when suddenly there was a hissing sound. His boss came running but was thrown backward by the explosion moments later. "The house was fully engulfed in a ball of red," said Braintree Deputy Fire Chief Michael Carlino. No one was seriously injured, not even the Zancas' dog, which was inside the house. Fire officials noted the construction company did not check with the gas company before digging to find out where the gas line was. (Boston Globe)

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