Mindanao Daily Mirror, October 24, 2001

I remember the time when printers were noisy machines that churned out maybe one page a minute. Dot-matrix was the buzz word, and dpi was measured in the single digits (or at most two digits, but never more than 20). We still have printers like these; in fact many offices (including the Mirror) still use these workhorses for non-critical printing jobs. But these days printers need to do more than just punch out holes in paper; they need to make a statement for the creator, using color and detail that should come close to photographs. And they must do this in record time.


The printer arena is battleground to a number of companies, but one firm has the upper hand because it has managed to beat the others in the dot-matrix business: Epson. Go to any office and chances are you'll find at least one Epson printer sitting around waiting for someone to print something on it. Epson actually claims to dominate this market, and it doesn't take much to convince us of this. That being the case, Epson has an edge over the other companies simply because its name is practically synonymous to printers (although it has other products as well, like scanners and digital cameras).


It's not just name recall, of course. Epson does build some of the best printers in the market, and it has the disconcerting habit (well, at least for competitors) of pricing its products lower than the competitions'. Yesterday Epson launched four new printers in Davao City, and judging from the printout samples these are real killer machines. Here's a rundown on each of the new printers:

Epson Stylus C50 and C60

Designed for a variety of applications including printing of photos, newsletters, greeting cards and Internet pages, the Epson Stylus C50, which is targeted for advanced home users, features 1440 dpi resolution and a 6-picolitre minimum ink droplet size for exceptionally sharp output and unmatched printing quality. Printing at approximately 8.0 ppm for black text and approximately 3.9 for color prints makes the Epson Stylus C50 an exceptional value home printer.

Delivering unmatched high-resolution photo quality printing images and superlative print speeds, the Epson Stylus C60 is specially made for tech savvy small business who require an affordable, durable & speedy ink jet printer with no compromise in quality. The Epson Stylus C60 prints at approximately 12 ppm for black text and color prints making this model one of the fastest in its class. It allows users to print a maximum of 2,880 dpi with 4-picolitre minimum ink droplet size for photo quality outputs even without the use of a special photograde cartridge.

Epson Stylus C80

Touted at the fastest business printer in its class, the Epson Stylus C80 is a breakthrough model, with its extraordinary speed, pigmented inks and laser-sharp text. Aimed at personal business users, the Epson Stylus C80 is the first business-class inkjet printer to use Epson's new pigment ink formulation for both black and color cartridges, specially made to deliver superior quality black and color output on plain paper with better water resistance and extended life span and durability.

With the resin-coated pigmented inks, the ink stays on top of the layer of the paper, which makes it capable of double-sided printing on plain paper with minimal bleed-through. The Epson Stylus C80 boasts of a maximum of 2880 dpi resolution coupled with a minimum ink droplet size of 3-picolitre and an industry best print speed of appro-ximately 20ppm (page per minute) for black text printing and approximately 10.5ppm for color text printing.

"All our new printers represent our commitment to consumers to deliver the best of both words in color inkjet and photo printing - razor sharp photo quality printing and breathtaking speed at affordable price." said Hiroaki Ito, president, Epson Philippines Corpo-ration.

Equipped with a 150-paper sheet tray capacity for superior productivity, the Epson Stylus C80 also has four high capacity individual ink cartridges for multiple printing of documents such as flyers, price lists and presentation slides. These high capacity cartridges are also designed to reduce cartridge changing times for voluminous business printing.

Epson Stylus Photo 810

The new Epson Photo Stylus 810 offers graphic enthusiasts superb photo reproduction quality that caters to all photo-printing needs. Equipped with a 6-color ink system with 2,880 dpi resolution and a minimum ink droplet size of 4-picolitres, the Epson Photo Stylus 810 features Epson's PRINT Image Matching (PIM) technology that ensures perfect reproduction of images from camera to printer (using the Photo Quicker 3.0 software bundled with the printer) and Epson's BorderFree function that lets users print photos all the way to the edges, on all sides and up to A4 size. The Epson Photo Stylus 810 also offers the efficiency and speed of approximately 12.0ppm for black text, approximately 11.7ppm for colored printout and approximately 199 seconds for an A4 size photo.


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