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Hainanese Chicken

Cherie Calaqui

  • Chicken
  • sesame oil, salt and pepper
  • leeks
  • chicken bouillon
  • sotanghon
  • pechay baguio
  • chili, soy sauce, ginger or mirin

Marinate chicken in sesame oil (2-3 tbsp), salt and pepper.  In a pot, put water, 1 chicken cube, put steamer in pot or use a large cup and put a plate on top of it.  Make a bed of leeks, and place chicken on top.  Steam until cooked.  Take out chicken, cut up.  Boil the soup stock, place sotanghon, pechay baguio, leeks.  Serve with chili, soy sauce and grated ginger or use mirin (Japanese rice wine)

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