Macario B. Asistio, Sr.,  January 1, 1904 - December 25, 1981

sangandaan.  a road that branches.  where sites meet and part ways.   
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Two Golden Decades:  Kalookan 1951-1970

©Copyright 1971 by Agapito M. Joaquin


  • Kalookan's Role in the Nation's Quest for Freedom by Agapito M. Joaquin

  • The Bastard Daughter of Rizal Province

  • Apat na Taon ng Karimlan. Pamahalaan ng Pagsasamantala [1947-1951] at ang paglitaw ng isang bagong lider. Sinulat ni Luis M. de Leon

  • Big Job - Big Man.  The story of Macario B. Asistio.

  • Asistio, the Athlete

  • On Peace and Order

  • On Government Service


  • New Deal in Caloocan. A report on the first four years of NP Administration, 1952-1955

  • Report on the Financial Status of Caloocan for Fiscal Year 1954-1955 by Amado A. Oliveros, Municipal Treasurer

  • Inaugural Message on his Induction as Re-elected Mayor, January 1, 1956 by Mayor Macario B. Asistio

  • The Courage of our People. Message of Welcome, Town Fiesta, 1959

  • On the Active Participation of Religious Groups in Politics

  • Asistio and the Iglesia

  • Historic Caloocan is PI's Richest, Most Populous Town by Antonio P. San Juan

  • Inaugural Message on his Induction as Third-Term Mayor, January 1, 1960 by Mayor Macario B. Asistio

  • Why Caloocan Should be a City

  • Explanatory Note to Proposed City Charter

  • The Charter Provision on Plebiscite

  • Kalookan: Dapat o Di-Dapat Maging Lungsod Aliwan, Nobyembre 15, 1961,  Sinulat ni Agapito M. Joaquin

  • Caloocan: Town or City? by Felix M. Caliwag

  • Caloocan Revisited, Graphic, November 1, 1961 by Juan S. Sabado

  • "Yes" Vote Urged in Plebiscite, Graphic, November 1, 1961

  • Presidential Proclamation No. 9, formally organizing the City of Caloocan

  • Message on the Inauguration of Caloocan as a City, February 16, 1962 By Mayor Macario B. Asistio


  • A Community that its Residents Deserve by Dr. Nicolas Concepcion, Asst. City Health Officer

  • Finances of a New City by Amado A. Oliveros, City Treasurer

  • Office of the City Engineer.  It's Organization, Programs and Accomplishments by Augusto F. Perez, City Engineer

  • The Caloocan Fire Department by Capt. Arsenio Cruz,Chief, CCFD

  • Dance and Drama Teams Launch Cultural Revival by Rodolfo A. Fernandez

  • Liham sa mga Taga-Kalookan

  • Unbending as the Molave by Luis M. de Leon

  • Inaugural Address at the Beginning of his Fifth Term,  January 1, 1968 by Macario B. Asistio

  • Sa Ika-7 taon ng Kalookan Bilang Isang Lunsod ni Edgardo M. Reyes

  • Explanatory Note to Revised City Charter

  • Resolution Opposing Charter Amendments

  • The New Charter -  A Prescription Against Stagnation by Agapito M. Joaquin

  • For the Confirmation of Four Additional Councilors

  • On Student Activism

  • Asistio to Businessmen

  • On the Organization of the City Mayors' League of the Philippines

  • To City Mayors who did not Attend Organizational Meeting of City Mayors' League

  • Epilogue - A New Face in Local Politics, Bantayog, October, 1967