A Glance at Multi Wheel Roulette Online

Multi Wheel Roulette puts a surprising twist on the online version of European Roulette. While the game uses only one betting table, it features eight of the instantly-recognisable wheels.

In essence, this means that players can place one or multiple bets in a game, and stand eight chances on their bets.

This basically makes it eight European Roulette games in one. Players still have all the usual betting options, classed as Inside and Outside bets. The wheel features one zero, as opposed to the two found on the wheels of the American versions of the classic game.

Multi Wheel Roulette Basics

Regardless of the fact that online Multi Wheel Roulette features eight wheels, the gameplay is basically the European version of the game, through and through.

At the start, players place their bets as usual. This requires setting a chip value, selecting a betting area on the screen, and then selecting the Play or Spin button.

Multi Wheel Roulette players are not limited to placing only one bet per game. Multiple bets are allowed.

All eight wheels will start spinning when players select the Play or Spin button. Silver or white balls will drop into each of the wheels, which will then start slowing down. The wheels will come to a rest and the results be announced, one after the other.

Inside and Outside Bets

Multi Wheel Roulette allows players to place most of the same bets that can be placed in the French and American variations of the game. The names of the two betting categories is taken from where the chips are placed on the game table.

Inside bets, which often offer hefty payouts, are notoriously difficult to win. Some examples of these include Straight Up, Split, and Street bets.

Straight Up bets are placed on any one number, while Split bets are placed on two numbers that appear alongside each other on the table. Street bets are placed on three numbers in a row on the table. Players also have the option of betting on four, five, and even six numbers in a row.

Multi Wheel Roulette Outside bets tend to be less exacting than Inside bets, as one bet covers more options. Examples of these are Columns, Dozens, Odds, Evens, High, Low, Red, and Black.

Column bets are placed on one of the columns of numbers on the table, while Dozen bets are placed on a group of 12 numbers. Low bets are placed on numbers one to 18, and High bets are placed on numbers 19 to 36.

Odd bets are that the ball will land in an odd-numbered pocket, while Even bets are just the opposite. Red or Black bets are bets in which the player wagers that the ball will land in a pocket of the respective colour.

Tips for Players

There are no strategies that will beat Fate’s wheel, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tips for playing online Multi Wheel roulette.

One tip, especially for new players or those who are a bit out of practise, is to place Outside bets rather than Inside bets. Outside bets’ payouts may not be as impressive as those of Inside bets, but at least players stand a better chance of actually winning.

Another tip for playing the game is to keep any winnings made. Anything can happen on the wheel, so it is better to keep winnings and gaming budget separate, lest players lose the lot.