Review of Sultan’s Fortune Online Slot

Sultan’s Fortune is considered a classic 3-reel slot with a single pay line and a large possible jackpot payout. The 3-reel slots are considered to be classics, as they were the original slot machine structural layout, and this form generated the millions of followers this gambling format has today.

Sultan’s Fortune is a Playtech software generated slot machine and can therefore be found at all Playtech powered casinos. Due to Sultan’s Fortune being a PlayTech classic slot game, the minimum wager is the same as the standard lowest coin value, 0.01. However, since the highest coin value is 5, and the maximum coins that can be bet on the payline is two, the maximum bet possible on Sultan’s Fortune video slots per spin is 10 coins.

The Symbols of Sultan’s Fortune

In terms of the winnings, however, this Australian pokies game is part of the Playtech game stable and therefore has a comparatively high payout rate, so players can rest assured that the base game, or only game in this case, will produce continuous winning payouts. The top symbol to look out for is the Magic Hat symbol. Three of these symbols lining up on the payline triggers the primary jackpot available in this game, namely 10 000 coins.

To add to this somewhat, the jackpot is listed on the pay table as 10 000 coins, but this is taken at the basic coin betting stake of one coin. Should the player winning this jackpot have done the clever thing and wagered the maximum on the payline, which is 10 coins, then the jackpot will, in fact, be 10 times higher. A 100 000 coin jackpot, viewed from any angle, is a significant win.

Jackpots and Payouts

The largest payout in this slots game is as high as 10 000 times the wager. This jackpot is comparatively high, and contributed to Sultan’s Fortune being a high variance slots game. This is also relatively high for such a simple slot machine. A second largest payout, which pays 4000 times the wager is also possible.

Sultan’s Fortune, being a 3-reel slot machine has the significantly advantageous feature, proportionately, of being able to significantly enhance payout rates with a Wild symbol. The Wild symbol can be used to make any winning combination, and will substitute for any other symbol in order to create a winning combination. Sultan’s Fortune, however, does not have a Wild symbol nor a Scatter symbol. Unlike most slots, this game is also devoid of any bonus features or free spins. There is no Scatter symbol, and Sultan’s Fortune is not a progressive jackpot either.

A Treasure Trove

Other symbols on Sultan’s Fortune video slots game are emeralds, pearls and other various, and valuable, jewellery icons. These add to the very basic theme of this slots game, which is all about finding and unearthing a treasure trove of coins. Extremely apt, considering the basic allure of this game is so much entertainment as pure slots jackpot winning. The other symbols available on the reels of Sultan’s Fortune are a dagger and several sparkling coins. However, this game is all about winning that jackpot.