Slots with 243 Ways to Win in Detail for Casino Players

Slots with 243 Ways to Win

The 243 Ways to Win concept differs slightly from conventional online video slots, in that it no longer makes use of standard paylines. Instead, winning combinations work much the same as would those activated by scatter symbols – the only prerequisite for a win being that symbols must match up from left to right, and adjacently.

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Describing about the Volatility in Casino Slots Games

Volatility in Casino Slots Games

Volatility is a concept that the ever-growing online slots industry has borrowed from the stock market. Volatility is also referred to as variance, and it is a measure of the size of slot machine payouts compared to the frequency with which they occur.

Many slot machines will deliver winning combinations on a fairly regular basis, but these frequent wins will be of low value most of the time. These slot machines are said to have low volatility and low variance. On the other hand, some slots do not pay out very often at all, and a player will have to budget for hours of play to stand a chance of hitting a winning combination. However, when these infrequently paying slots do deliver a win, it is generally a substantial jackpot.

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The Tipsy Tourist Slot Overview and Guide

The Tipsy Tourist is a 3D animated online video slot game produced by Betsoft Gaming. The introduction video shows a bored office worker in desperate need of a holiday. The man then sees a pamphlet for a holiday in Miami and decides to pack his bags and leave straight away. The backdrop to the game is a scenic view of a sun-soaked Miami Beach complete with swaying palm trees and brightly coloured deck chairs. The 3D graphics and animation are top-class giving the game an entertaining and immersive feel. The background track is a gentle mixture of samba music that blends in well with the overall beach theme.

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A Night in Paris Online Slot by Betsot Reviewed

The City of Lights, as Paris is sometimes known, is famous for being one of the most romantic places in the world, but Betsoft isn’t interested in exploring this element with their A Night in Paris slot. Instead, players are invited to rob the city blind, taking part in thrilling chases and committing daring robberies under the cover of night.

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Details about The Exterminator Online Slot

The hero for whom The Exterminator slot is named battles far bigger critters than the usual array of termites and ants: squirrels and even bears are all part of his day’s work. As play unfolds he will wage a war against a cunning racoon that lurks just out of reach, behind each corner, and when the player manages to help him locate it they will earn a significant reward in this bonus round.

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