Cricket Betting Tips for Online Sports Punters in New Zealand

Cricket Betting Tips

New Zealand is cricket crazy, which stands to reason given how well the country performs. Some local New Zealanders like to place bets on cricket games as a sign of support, or just for a bit of fun. Placing bets on cricket matches is also super easy, given the recent trend of convenient online bookmakers.

The only real question is, which team should you bet on? You heart will tell you to bet on your favourite team, which all good and well, but is it really the best bet, as far as odds and logic are concerned?

Cricket is a deep, strategic game, and the results are determined by many factors. There are a number of things that should be taken into consideration when deciding on a winner, and simply saying that one team is better than another is only scratching the surface. For what reasons do you believe that team is better, and do those reasons hold up under scrutiny? A team may seem to have been on a winning streak lately, but will that winning streak continue with new factors taken into consideration? Here are a few cricket betting tips for New Zealanders to take into consideration for their next bet.

Team History

One of the most obvious things to take into consideration is how well a team has been doing in recent games. Google a team and see how it has performed in its last 10 matches. Has it been performing well, scrapping by, or getting thrashed? But don’t make up your mind based just on these statistics. What about the team being played against? What history do these teams have against one another? History does often tend to repeat itself, after all, so if one team has a history of losing against another, it is definitely something to keep in mind.

Cricket Betting Tips – Team Health

Is a team playing at its full capacity? Are all of its best players present? Has the team been undergoing turmoil lately, with new players, or perhaps a new coach? These things massively effect how well a team performs, and should be kept in mind when placing bets. A team that has been undergoing difficult changes lately is not going to perform at its best.

Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket Betting Odds

When placing a bet, the odds assigned to a team are one of the best indicators of how well they are going to perform. But, it is very important keep in mind all the above mentioned tips, and use them in deciding on which odds you are going to settle with.

If you are unfamiliar with odds, here is a brief explanation. High odds, such as 1/10, indicate that a team is seen as less likely to win the particular match. Less likely does not mean it is impossible, however, and if you bet on high odds and win, you are going to earn a great deal more money. The trick of placing bets on cricket matches, and earning big money, is snapping up high odds when they appear, and winning. Always remember; cricket betting is a game of risk versus rewards.