Online Slots Playing Guide For Beginners

Playing slots online isn’t only easy, but it can also be exceptionally lucrative.

A mistake often made by new players is mindlessly placing bets and hoping aimlessly for a winning result. There’s actually so much more to playing and enjoying online slots than simply betting repeatedly and watching your cash go down the drain.

We’ve got some top tips for making the most of your online slots experience.

Go Free First

All online casinos allow players to try their slots in free mode before switching to real money. Free play is typically instant, meaning you don’t even need an account in order to start playing.

When playing in free mode, you’ll get a feel for the slot machine you’re looking to play. And best of all, you get to play for as long as you like before deciding which games are right for you.

The Setup

Every online slot game consists of a set of basic elements. Below is an explanation of some of the basic terms you’ll be coming across:

  • The paylines are those rows going across the reels from left to right. Paylines may consist of symbols in the same row, or they can even fluctuate across several reels. Online slot games typically have between 1 and 50 paylines.
  • Slot machines consist of a series of reels. Interesting about reels, is that their number will always be odd, for example, three, seven, nine, etc. When placing a bet, the reels will spin and align in a certain manner. A winning result means landing a combination of matching symbols on one or more paylines.
  • These are typically images and are in essence what align to make a winning combo. Symbols will usually follow a certain theme, and add much to the excitement of the game.
  • The Payout Table. Before spinning away, be sure to check out the game’s payout table. This table will tell you which combination will result in a bonus game being triggered, a Jackpot won, or even how to activate Free Spins. What’s more, the payout table will also contain valuable information regarding your bet and what you can expect to win when hitting a matching combination.

Choosing A Slot

Before choosing a specific slot, be sure to try it out in free mode first. If the online casino you’ve signed up with doesn’t offer the game you’re wanting to try, there are several websites available that will allow you to try games in demo-mode.

Most important is to remember that playing online slots should be fun and engaging.

Below are some questions to ask about the game you’re wanting to play:

  • Is the game exciting to play?
  • Is the look and the feel of the game something you think you might enjoy?
  • How many reels and paylines are you comfortable with?
  • Is there a bonus round included?
  • Does the Jackpot prize justify playing at maximum wager?

Tips For Beginners

Do the below, and you’re sure to have a great experience playing slots online:

  • Track your spend. This means keeping tabs on how much money you’re winning and losing.
  • Stop playing if you’ve won a large sum of money.
  • Stop playing when you’ve reached the limit of your entertainment budget. Never play with money you can’t afford to lose.