Play Tequila Poker Online on Your iPhone!

If you’re one of those people who does just about everything with your iPhone and you’re also a poker fan, then you’ll love iPhone online tequila poker. It brings one of the newest additions to the poker family to your favourite front-running mobile interface and it’s taking the online casino community by storm.

In response to overwhelming public demand, the world’s leading software developers have brought out a variety of exciting iPhone online tequila poker games with stunning interfaces, seamless game play, interesting betting options, and massive payouts for your card play pleasure. So you can now enjoy thrilling iPhone tequila poker anytime, anywhere.

Enjoy Multiple Ways to Wager

What makes iPhone online tequila poker so interesting is that it offers players two interesting wager options – the high tequila bet and the tequila poker bet – each of which works a little differently and has its own pay table.

First, players must place ante bets equal to or greater than the minimum table stake. Then each of the players is dealt four cards, face down. Once you have looked at your cards, you can choose to fold and lose your ante bet or you can place either a high tequila bet or a poker bet equal to the ante bet, after which you will be dealt two more cards. Then it’s time to compare your iPhone online tequila poker hands.

If you chose the high tequila bet, the value of your cards will be calculated numerically; whereas, if you chose the tequila poker bet, the traditional poker hand ranking system will be used. In the former case, only the top five cards will be used and in the latter, only the best five-card poker hand, if there is one, will be counted.

Win Payouts of up to 200:1

Your iPhone online tequila poker bets will pay out differently depending on whether you chose high tequila or tequila poker.

High tequila bets pay out as follows:

  • 46-48 points – 1:1
  • 49 points – 2:1
  • 50-53 points – 3:1, 4:1, 7:1 and 15:1 respectively
  • 54 points – as much as 200:1

A score of 54 is quite rare as it would require you to draw a five-Ace hand, but it has been known to happen and changes lives when it does. High tequila bets in are also eligible for additional winnings for their total points in iPhone online tequila poker.

Tequila poker bets, meanwhile, pay out as follows:

  • Pair of Aces – 1:1
  • Two Pair – 2:1
  • Three of a Kind – 3:1
  • Straight – 5:1
  • Flush – 7:1
  • Full House – 8:1
  • Four of a Kind – 15:1
  • Straight Flush – as much as a 50:1
  • Royal Flush – 200:1

Of course, everybody knows that a Royal Flush is an extremely rare occurrence but the prospect of a 200:1 payout is certainly enticing. Moreover, high tequila bets in iPhone online tequila poker also qualify for further winnings for the total hand value.

Try out iPhone Online Tequila Poker

If iPhone online tequila poker sounds like your kind of game but you’re not ready to put any money on the table just yet, don’t. You can play all the in iPhone tequila poker you like via the top mobile gaming sites without paying a cent. Simply register a free account and start playing right away like no deposit bingo at And when you’re ready to play for real money, a handsome welcome bonus will await you to boost your first iPhone online tequila poker bet.

In order to find the sites with the best iPhone online tequila poker options, visit a few review websites as well as players forums.