Taking a Look at the Blackjack Card Counting History

The main star of the story of blackjack card counting history is Edward Thorp, the man who wrote about and brought the world’s attention to the most famous strategy for the game. The book he wrote, “Beat the Dealer”, was published in 1962, and can safely be said to have changed the face of the game entirely. He was not the first man to create or even use this method, however, and the long blackjack card counting history proves that it was a strategy invoked long before Mr Thorp made it so widely known.

Edward Thorp remains the main protagonist of blackjack card counting history due to the simple fact that the method he outlined in “Beat the Dealer” proved to be one of the most powerful and totally effective card-counting systems ever, and players who made use of it were able to access far better odds during play.

Where Card Counting in Blackjack Began

Blackjack card counting history can be said to begin with a man named Jess Marcum, who was one of the first individuals who started exploring this strategy. In 1949 he created the card-counting process that was so successful it allowed him to quit his job as a nuclear physicist and become a professional blackjack player. It is one of the first developed systems for counting points.

In 1961, the blackjack card counting history introduces a book my Harold Smith Sr., called “I Want to Quit a Winner”, which advised players to wager more money when there were a lot of aces left in the deck. He owned and operated Reno’s Casino Smith’s Club during the 1930s. The book relates the story of Joe Bernstein, a famous advocate of card counting, who frequented Nevada casinos during the 1960s.

Playing Blackjack in Order to Win

The first totally accurate book that was published about different card counting strategies was called “Playing Blackjack to Win”, and this tome was published in 1957. There are 16 different strategy tips outlined in the book, but there was still none that could tell how and when to vary players’ wagers.

Edward Thorp remains the main character of this story because his book was the first that contained mathematically accurate card-counting systems that could be employed to beat the house in a game of blackjack. The book boosted many players’ confidence, and improved many top casino games, allowing those who put its tips to use to beat the casino far more frequently.

A count called The Top Ten was invented by Mr Thorp, and proved a very easy strategy to learn. The success that players who made use of it enjoyed boosted the book’s popularity, and it was wildly successful in both the year that it was published and the one following, earning a spot on The New York Times bestseller list. The biggest indication of just how well this strategy worked was that as a result of this book’s publication casinos modified the rules governing the game in order to retain more favourable odds for the house. So after knowing this, if you are interested in playing blackjack online, you can visit online blackjack NZ site.