Place Wagers on the MotoGP Race with Betting Guide

Wagers on the MotoGP Race

This is a beginner’s guide to betting on the MotoGP, with not only the types of bets but an explanation of how the bets work as well. After reading this, you too should be able to bet on the most exciting motorcycle race in the world.

Types of Bets

While MotoGP may have less betting options than some other sports, there is still a wide range of bets available which will differ from site to site. Below is some of the more frequent bets on offer with a brief description of what they mean.

    • Race winner – as simple as it sounds, you are betting on which rider you believe will win the race. This is the most frequently used bet in MotoGP betting. Great for a rider you feel confident in. If not, look into further bets.
    • Podium Finish – In this bet you will be betting on a particular rider to finish on the podium (place in the top three) this is great for those races where it can be a bit too close to call.
    • Riders’ championship – Similar to race winner, however instead of just one race, you are betting on the winner of the whole championship. This can be great when you have upmost confidence in your rider in the long. These wagers can be placed mid championship but keep in mind, as time goes on, the odds will change. It is usually best to get these bets down early in the championship.
    • Constructors’ championship – Similar to riders’ championship except now you are considering the position of all the riders under the constructor of your choosing. Depending on the exact class and other details, there can be from one to three riders per constructor. It is very important to know the constructor, riders and field before taking part in constructors championship bet.

MotoGP Race Betting Types

  • Fastest lap – With this bet, you will be placing a wager on which rider will achieve the fastest lap during. Keep in mind that the rider in first place will not always be the fastest lap, a slower rider can sometimes end up with a faster lap if the conditions are more conducive. Fighting for a position will lead to riders taking turns side by side at times, this will commonly slow some riders down as they won’t be able to take their perfect racing line. Keep an eye on the riders who have set great laps at the track in question the previous season, Riders and bikes often have strong and weaker tracks.
  • Pole position – Similar to fastest lap betting, in pole position betting you are betting on which rider will achieve the fastest lap in qualifying. Here it is less important to take grouping into consideration as riders will not be contesting each other for position.

After knowing your bets, all that is left is to know the riders, constructors and tracks. While this seems like a lot, in betting you can never have too much information. As in all sports like in the FIFA World Cup wagering, or in MotoGP betting also, knowledge can greatly increase your chances of success.