Details about Jurassic Park Slot Online

Jurassic Park Online Slots is a game based on both a novel and the resulting movie franchise of the same name. The first movie was directed by Steven Spielberg and was released in 1993, becoming an overnight success.

The movie is set in a fictional world where a biogenetics company headed by billionaire John Hammond, has found a way to clone dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are kept on a tropical island and in each movie in the series something goes wrong causing the dinosaurs to attack the humans.

The Jurassic Park movies are extremely popular and there is a lot of themed merchandise as well as video games surrounding the theme. It is no surprise, therefore, that Microgaming have developed the Jurassic Park online slot game. The symbols feature both the human characters and the dinosaurs from the movie and whenever you win a short clip from the movie will play.

Gameplay and Symbols Used in Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park has 5 reels and 243 different ways to win. This means that instead of being limited to the paylines when it comes to forming winning combinations, a winning combination can be formed from identical symbols running from left to right across the 5 reels but on any line. The object of the game is thus to match symbols from left to right across the reels.

The wild symbol in Jurassic Park is the game’s logo at It acts as a substitute for all the symbols except for the scatter symbol, which is a mosquito stuck in amber stone. The wild symbol can appear on any of the reels and when it does it will appear stacked. The scatter symbol is the dinosaur egg and if 3 or more of these symbols land on the reels then it triggers the Free Spins feature. There are 5 individual Free Spins features which adds to the excitement of this bonus round.

Free Spins Bonus Round in Jurassic Park Online Slots

When you first enter the Free Spins bonus round you will have to play the Tyrannosaurus Rex feature. After you have entered the Free Spins bonus round a total of at least 25 times you will be able to choose one of the other 4 features if you wish. You will always receive 12 free spins no matter which of the 5 Free Spins features you choose to enter. The games’s conditions, odds and betting offers are slight different to online craps Canada

The Tyrannosaurus Rex Free Spins feature gives you wild reels. The T-Rex symbol is the wild symbol in this bonus round and every time it appears it is triple stacked on the reels. This means that If the T-Rex symbol appears then you are guaranteed a winning combination. The second Free Spins feature is the Velociraptor Free Spins feature and this will give you split wilds with multipliers. Split wilds help increase your chances of forming more winning combinations as 6 matching symbols may be formed. The multiplier wilds can reward you with between 4 and 6 times your bet when they are used to form winning combinations. The Velociraptor wild symbol will also appear stacked on the reels. The third free spins feature is the Brachiosaurus Free Spins feature, which gives the player a mystery multiplier. This means that a multiplier of between 2 and 6 times will be applied randomly to the spins. In this round, unlike with the other features you could win more free spins. Lastly, the Dilophosaurus Free Spins feature, when triggered, will give you winning wilds. This means that the Dilophosaurus dinosaur will spit at a random symbol changing it to a wild.