Fisticuffs Touch Slot in Review for Mobile Casino Players

This is an old type boxing title from developers NetEnt and as the name suggests this slot is all about the brawl. Boxing in and of itself is an old craft that has been around for ages and so to place it at the head of a classically styled mobile slot like this Fisticuffs Touch is rather quite innovative.

Besides this the blend of browns and greens on the reels of this mobile slot game looks quite appealing in any size and so on a smartphone with capable processing power and the graphics available with this game the resulting presence of the reels is quite an appealing one. Overall this theme and mobile slot complement each other in their own exploits and make for a degree of communal synergy in the game.

There are 5 reels to this Fisticuffs Touch slot that blend into the theme of the game efficiently and make the presence of the symbols on these reels all the more immersive. In lieu of actually completing wins on these reels players have a set of 10 pay lines to use, not much by any standard but for a mobile slot game this needn’t be much higher to make the game involving. Apart from this relatively basic setup there are also a few bonuses tucked into the gameplay that will likely come as a pleasant surprise to the players as they spin. These include various forms of Wild symbols for the most part, making the base game of this Fisticuffs Touch slot a rather big part of the experience.

Analysing the Theme and Mobile Slot Setup

The old style of boxing is a rather dated sport nowadays but for the changes that have been made the basic structure still remains the same. This is similarly true for the real money pokies and how the recent slot games are definitely better than the older one but largely on a superficial level, saying not much regarding the basic structure again. This does make the theme of this Fisticuffs Touch mobile slot from NetEnt rather apt for the reels and with the involved colour scheme and overall added effects to this cause the screen on the players smartphones will be an inviting one.

Beyond this the symbols on the reels of this Fisticuffs Touch slot also largely paint this game out as the theme that it purports and players will likely enjoy encountering symbols like the boxing belt and cup as well as the gloves, shoes, bell, cloth and even the corner stool the boxers rest on. These make for quite an appealing setup to this slot game.

Brushing Up on Mobile Bonus Features

With the capability of smartphones today there is very little they can’t really do and this slot is testament to this by involving a few detailed bonus features onto the reels like internet based keno at The bonuses of this slot revolve around three types of Wilds, namely the diagonal, the straight and the stacked Wilds. These all have their own separate roles that usually result in players winning to some degree, making for a rather more eventful spinning experience in this Fisticuffs Touch slot game from NetEnt.